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Important Questions Submissives Should Ask Their Potential Dominants

Are you someone who is into BDSM practice or among those curious, wondering about the nature of BDSM? If that is so, you should know which type of role you want to play. Are you the submissive type or the dominant one?

In the world of submission and domination, pleasure is there but what is important before engaging in any activities is considering the terms and conditions that the participants have to agree on mutually. Questions play a crucial role in better understanding the roles to portray and to plan the activities. This applies especially for those who like changing roles with their partners in a BDSM play.

So, in this post, we interviewed some of the high class Perth escorts in Perth about some of the most important questions that a submissive should ask themselves before committing to his or her potential dominant. And these are; 1. Am I allowed to fall in love with my partner? 2. Do I really need to be the submissive one? 3. Do I want this? 4. Am I capable of being a slave to my master?

Of course, after asking all of these questions and before getting on with the deal with the potential dominant, a submissive needs to consider some self-serving questions. Doing this beforehand will make a difference in the submissive’s play life. Dominants and ssubmissivewho are experts and are seasoned with the BDSM culture know that in their world, the philosophy of having sane, safe and consensual play should strictly be followed.

Below, we enlist some important questions that the submissives should ask their dominants:

1. Are you looking for a long term or short term D/s relationship?

In a D/s relationship, it is expected that there are some people who want to have it done occasionally or even within lifetime. If a submissive wants an occasional one, then of course she needs to find someone with the same interest. This goes those wanting long term commitments.

2. Is the relationship exclusive or are there other who might be involved in this relationship?

Ask your dominant if he or she is a mono or poly. If he or she is into poly, you should be prepared to share and know that intimacies between your dom and others may exist. And just the same, you as a sub can do the same.

3. What are the dominant’s favored scenes? Are you ready to do all the things that the potential dominant would likely suggest?

Of course, you need to ask these questions. That is why communication plays an important role. Also, some of the dominants will provide their checklist of scenes and activities that he or she can suggest to their potential submissives. A discussions about hard and soft limits should be staged.

4. Do we have a contract to sign?

In fact for seasoned BDSM or D/s participants, having a contract is not a big deal anymore but of course for safe and security purposes, verbal and most importantly written contract is advised.

Actually, there are a lot of things that a submissive must consider on finding suitable dominants. Apart from these questions, as a potential submissive, you can also come up with your own questions.

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