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Perth Escorts that Live in Perth – Sex Positions That Help You Go Deeper During Sex

There are a lot of ways that couples can become passionate and intense in bed. For example, staring into each other’s eyes and synchronizing their breath for deep and passionate sex can certainly be so emotional and mind-blowing. But what if the couple are looking to literally go “deeper”? Here’s a quick look at a few of the best sex positions that help couples go deeper during sex.


Perth Escorts that Live in PerthIf your girlfriend, or the lovely Perth Escorts that Live in Perth that you’re dating tonight, is looking to literally go “deeper” in bed, perhaps you should both try the Seashell sex position! To do this, the woman lies on her back with her legs raised up and out. She also gets her ankles far back toward her head as she can. Next, the guy enters in a missionary position.

The position works because the woman’s legs are spread wide, lending more depth. And when the guy’s riding high, this will give adequate clitoral stimulation, or the lady could opt to take things into her own hands!

The Spoon

To do the Spoon, the couple lies side by side in the spooning position, while he enters her from behind. The sex position works great because the lady has more leverage and support so she can wedge herself in a way that creates maximum depth.

The Caboose

In this sex position, the guy is seated, while the lady backs into his lap, facing away from him. And since is not the usual go-to position for most women, it should feel like a whole new world, and the newness will also make the penetration feel deeper than it actually is!

Cowgirl’s Helper

Like a cowgirl, she’s on top of you pushing off as you lie back. The twist here is that the guy assists with his hands, and by holding her hips and thighs he supports her weight and rises to meet her thrusts.

The Cowgirl’s Helper works wonders because this gives her some great G-spot stimulation, and she can also go as deep as she likes, depending on her thrusts.  She’s also able to control the pace as well as how deep she wants the guy to go!

Now which hot and sizzling sex position would you be willing to try out tonight with your hookup partner, or with your preferred Perth Escorts that Live in Perth?


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