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Perth Escorts that Live in Perth – Top Sex Positions for Smaller-than-Average Blokes

You know that size doesn’t matter. You’ve heard and read it before, too, in quite a few articles, and you know there are other ways to pleasure a woman. The thing is, even with that reassurance, you could still feel like your smaller-than-average package won’t do a good job. The voluptuous vixens at Perth Escorts that Live in Perth understand this, and they have ways to help you feel better about the whole thing.Perth Escorts that Live in Perth

A number of their techniques involve certain positions, all of which can make your dick feel bigger inside her. Needless to say, that should give you a hefty ego boost. Here, then, is a quick look at a few of those positions.

  1. V-shapes. This is a variation of the missionary position, changing it just enough so it seems like a different pose. You’ll need to kneel between her knees while she’s lying down, then raise her legs while keeping them spread while you enter her. Since her legs are spread, they’ll be forming a ‘V’ shape.


Try hooking your arms under her knees to help her maintain the position as you thrust in and out, all the while still kneeling. What this angle does for her is shorten her cunt, so it feels like you’re penetrating her deeply – which is great if you’re both into that.


  1. Try the snake. This rear-entry position has your partner lying on her stomach, sliding a pillow or two under her hips to help lift up her bottom. After that, all you need to do is straddle her hips, and your cock will be in a great position to penetrate her from behind without too much trouble.


While you’re in this position, the pillows or the mattress will be pressing on her pubic region, meaning more pleasure for her and for you.

  1. Doggy style. This position is one of the best overall for those who feel like they’re lacking in the size department. When she’s on hands and knees – or in any rear-entry position, in general – her cunt is shorter. Her legs will also be closer together, meaning that she’ll feel fuller when you enter her. If you want to make this position hotter, play with her boobs or her clit, for multiple pleasurable sensations.


Don’t have a committed partner to try out these moves? Browse the gallery at Perth Escorts that Live in Perth to find the perfect courtesan for you!


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