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The Many Shades of Love You’ll Experience In Life

You may have had your share of experiences when it comes to love, but did you know not all of them are the same kind of love? For instance, you may be in love with one of the Perth escorts who live in Perth that you found online, and feel equally strongly for a former colleague. But the type of love you have for one is different from the other.Perth Escorts that Live in Perth

Experts say there are 10 kinds of love that you’ll experience in life, and you’re guaranteed to experience them at one point or another. Here’s what you can expect.

Platonic love. This is a kind of love that’s pure and friendly, with no strings attached. It’s the love you experience from a very young age, something you share with siblings and close friends. For some, they’ll have a number of friends who fall into this group. If you’ve ever missed a friend, chances are you feel this kind of love for them.

Unrequited love. If you’ve ever loved someone you knew couldn’t love you back, for whatever reason, then you’ve experienced this kind of love. This dreaded one-sided love is full of heartbreak, and though you know you won’t get any happiness out of it, you at least know how important it is to reciprocate in a relationship.

Obsessive love. As the name suggests, people experiencing this type of love are obsessed with their partners, so they become quite clingy and needy. Often, this happens soon after you first deal with unrequited love. Experts believe it’s because the hurt from the one-sided affair carries over into the next relationship, resulting in a partner who’s insecure and scared that they’ll lose this relationship as well.

Same-sex love. You don’t have to be homosexual to experience this. If you’ve ever felt a strong burst of happiness upon seeing a good friend, and your intense feelings are born of respect and admiration, then there’s a good chance you have man-crush on this friend of yours.

Lusty love. There’s physical attraction, and then there’s sexual attraction. If you’ve been with someone who could arouse you with just a hug, or your relationship seems to revolve around the bedroom, then it’s lusty love. There’s nothing wrong with this kind of love, because it may be just what you need to improve your skills in bed.

Romantic love. This is what may be called ‘sappy’, but it’s beautiful in its own way, even if you think you’d never be caught making faces at your lover the way people in romantic love would. When you’re romantically involved with someone, the world somehow looks brighter, and it’s a time of easy smiles and heartfelt laughter. You’re happy, you’re lover’s happy, and you’re enjoying every minute of it.

Those are just a few of the types of love everyone encounters in their lifetime – so, yes, even Perth escorts who live in Perth will have had their share of encounters with each one.


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